Tuesday, June 2

O Joy! Lady

Poised perfectly with her golden brown hair swooping down, she leans her elbow on a stack of vogue magazines. Relaxed and in a daze, she casually flips through a month of the current fashion issue. Fashion, a word she adores. With every minute of every day she is checking in on current styles and shopping for the latest trends. She shops for any article of clothing and all types of accessories online, and in a shop.
Her slender body accentuates the awing effect of her outfits. From head to toe she is perfectly composed. Her feet have nicely curved arches with pleasantly painted toenails. Her calves are carved, showing classic strong lines. Her knees: not too knobby and not too chunky. The lines of her thigh muscles are pleasing to the eye and attract appreciation. Her hips and waist are better than a woman could ask for, the perfect size. Her broad shoulders stand out, but are proportionate with the rest of her body. They give her a bold appearance. Her upper and fore arms are fit and her gentle hands with gorgeously painted fingernails show purpose. Atop her long neck sits her head with plump pale pink lips, a cute button nose and two beautiful blue eyes. To top her all off, her sun kissed blond hair glows without movement or touch. Her presence screams 'flawless,' a gorgeous walking model whom everyone feels jealousy and envy towards.
She loves shopping; in fact, she's obsessed with it! Even her job has fashion incorporated in every aspect possible. She is respected and appreciated for what she does in the fashion industry. Her mannerisms are polite and everyone would kill to be her. The swift move of her body is elegantly done. If you were to see her strutting down the sidewalk on Fifth Ave, you'd know she was THE icon for fashion.
Vogue Entertaining. Kat Macleod. Oh Joy! 17 Feb. 2009 .