Wednesday, June 3

Poem of Poetry

Some think that poems are a way to express emotions

Others think it is a way to put thoughts on paper.

I happen to think it is anything you make it out to be.

Poems can be interpreted in many more ways than anticipated, but it

Depends on the person reading it.

That’s the beauty of writing.

Poems can portray a purpose or a specific meaning for the poet

But mean something completely different for the reader.

Poetry is a form of art

that expresses figurative, literal or any other characteristic of writing.

Tuesday, June 2

O Joy! Lady

Poised perfectly with her golden brown hair swooping down, she leans her elbow on a stack of vogue magazines. Relaxed and in a daze, she casually flips through a month of the current fashion issue. Fashion, a word she adores. With every minute of every day she is checking in on current styles and shopping for the latest trends. She shops for any article of clothing and all types of accessories online, and in a shop.
Her slender body accentuates the awing effect of her outfits. From head to toe she is perfectly composed. Her feet have nicely curved arches with pleasantly painted toenails. Her calves are carved, showing classic strong lines. Her knees: not too knobby and not too chunky. The lines of her thigh muscles are pleasing to the eye and attract appreciation. Her hips and waist are better than a woman could ask for, the perfect size. Her broad shoulders stand out, but are proportionate with the rest of her body. They give her a bold appearance. Her upper and fore arms are fit and her gentle hands with gorgeously painted fingernails show purpose. Atop her long neck sits her head with plump pale pink lips, a cute button nose and two beautiful blue eyes. To top her all off, her sun kissed blond hair glows without movement or touch. Her presence screams 'flawless,' a gorgeous walking model whom everyone feels jealousy and envy towards.
She loves shopping; in fact, she's obsessed with it! Even her job has fashion incorporated in every aspect possible. She is respected and appreciated for what she does in the fashion industry. Her mannerisms are polite and everyone would kill to be her. The swift move of her body is elegantly done. If you were to see her strutting down the sidewalk on Fifth Ave, you'd know she was THE icon for fashion.
Vogue Entertaining. Kat Macleod. Oh Joy! 17 Feb. 2009 .

Sunday, May 31

Ode to a Shoelace

From the newly
opened box,
are pulled out;
to be

More importantly,
it is the
beginning of
a new
for the
bright white
in the shoes.

The laces are
ties in a
tight knot,
always looking
crisp to the eye.

Many times over
the strings are
until their
time is over and their
life comes to an end.

The now solidly browned
bows are
now dismissed because
their fibers have
done their job
for the time

Drooping Lily

Trout Lily, glowing elliptical

beauties, a pair of brown-mottled leaves beneath one

yellow, nodding flower

covered with a bronzy exterior.

The delicate curves swoosh down,

then up toward the base of the sepals;

brown splotches sink into the green leaves as the green reaches out

in the rich woods and meadows where they reside.

A dress so flowery and bright as these would stand out

in any crowd.

The flower of the wild lily

bursts open as it jumps to a higher level.

The capsule contains multiple seeds

that are spread north in Canada to south in Georgia,

expressing its loveliness.

Surrounded by a crowd on the ground,

Erythronium americanum tries to be superior to the other

pequeño angiosperms.

The glowing, radially symmetric petals

demonstrate their beauty that extends through the family of the lilies.

Schwenk, Scott. Trout Lily - Erythronium americanum. 6 May 2006. Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, NH. Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study. 4 June 2009 .

A Prickly Truth

Prickly Pear, a misconception in the desert

A cactus of flat, fleshy, green pads covered with reddish-brown,

barbed bristles and yellow flowers with reddish centers

produces a bright purple fruit

It’s prickly to the eye and touch, but tempting to taste its prickling severity

The flatness of the bubbles gives the cactus a geometrical

shape that is unique to the surrounding beauties

The golden yellow flowers burst from the cactus’ tips

The delicious fruits are admired,

but soon enjoyed because of their taste

Hated, but marveled, they are placed in open sandy areas with rocky sites;

the desert

With just one touch on its pads, it latches multiple miniature bristles into your skin, leaving them there to prick with the slightest pressure

“That’s what you get for messing with MY skin!”

you show such beauty, but give such pain

and continuously smile until it’s lame

Broadcasting your love from May to August,

throughout that time you give the reward of dull, purple fruit

The harm this beautiful cactus can do is misunderstood,

one defense mechanism is the bristles that are lined with backward-pointing hooks, impossible to take out

Damn you Opuntia humifusa for looking so gorgeous, intricate,

but hiding your weapons and wickedness

One thing’s for sure, you definitely live up to the standard

of a misconception in the desert.

Stephanie, and Andras. Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit. Travel Blog. 4 June 2009 .

A Day In the Life of...

April 18th, 2009 San Diego, CA

Mission: Beach

This morning it was difficult getting up because of the time change; I live in Vermont, but was vacationing in San Diego, so the three-hour difference was hard to adjust to. I managed a mere 9:30 wake-up, which I thought was pretty good considering I had been up until about three o’clock, Vermont time, the night before. I quickly prepped myself for the gym and did my daily exercises I do back home. Before long, the rest of my friends had woken up and gone down to the boat for breakfast, so I decided to join them once I was finished at the gym.

Once again I had a bland mix of yogurt and granola, because that’s all that was served. We finished breakfast with determination because we had a goal of going to the beach, but the focus of leaving for the beach dwindled as time passed. Before long, it was 12:30 when we had finally made it to Mission Beach. Our host was extremely kind and rented surfboards so we could spend the day surfing. Granted the waves were on the smaller side and the water was far from a bathtub temperature, we still managed to wear ourselves out having fun. I had forgotten how much energy surfing takes, but I was quickly reminded when I was out experiencing the waves. It’s a sport that requires focus, rapid judgment and skill. It was only when I was lacking these qualities that I would get a friendly reminder from the waves telling me to pay attention; also known as getting tumbled a few times. It was the most fun I had all vacation, apart from a couple other things we did. We surfed until about 4:30 then returned our boards to the shop.

We spent time walking on the boardwalk after surfing ended. There were some tempting tourist surf shops that I just had to go into, so I looked around and ended up buying a few things. When my friends and I arrives back at our towels, we laid in the sun until it was time to head back to the boat to prepare for dinner.

Tonight was the night we went to Joe’s Crab Shack, a delicious crab restaurant. Here, I found a new hobby of mine: cracking crab. It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done with food. It’s very satisfying and therapeutic. For dessert one of my friends and I shared a slice of rich chocolate cake. We left after the conversations slowed and the entertainment was lacking.

We arrived back at the boat, exhausted from the day of surfing and playing on the beach, so no one was up for watching a full-length movie, which we had been planning on doing. Most everyone decided to go right to bed, but others, including me, stayed up watching TV or read and chatted until our eyes failed us and we had no choice but to fall asleep.

Ars Poetica

Be it

spoken or
left unsaid,
it all represents one art form:

Ars Poetica.