Sunday, May 31

A Day In the Life of...

April 18th, 2009 San Diego, CA

Mission: Beach

This morning it was difficult getting up because of the time change; I live in Vermont, but was vacationing in San Diego, so the three-hour difference was hard to adjust to. I managed a mere 9:30 wake-up, which I thought was pretty good considering I had been up until about three o’clock, Vermont time, the night before. I quickly prepped myself for the gym and did my daily exercises I do back home. Before long, the rest of my friends had woken up and gone down to the boat for breakfast, so I decided to join them once I was finished at the gym.

Once again I had a bland mix of yogurt and granola, because that’s all that was served. We finished breakfast with determination because we had a goal of going to the beach, but the focus of leaving for the beach dwindled as time passed. Before long, it was 12:30 when we had finally made it to Mission Beach. Our host was extremely kind and rented surfboards so we could spend the day surfing. Granted the waves were on the smaller side and the water was far from a bathtub temperature, we still managed to wear ourselves out having fun. I had forgotten how much energy surfing takes, but I was quickly reminded when I was out experiencing the waves. It’s a sport that requires focus, rapid judgment and skill. It was only when I was lacking these qualities that I would get a friendly reminder from the waves telling me to pay attention; also known as getting tumbled a few times. It was the most fun I had all vacation, apart from a couple other things we did. We surfed until about 4:30 then returned our boards to the shop.

We spent time walking on the boardwalk after surfing ended. There were some tempting tourist surf shops that I just had to go into, so I looked around and ended up buying a few things. When my friends and I arrives back at our towels, we laid in the sun until it was time to head back to the boat to prepare for dinner.

Tonight was the night we went to Joe’s Crab Shack, a delicious crab restaurant. Here, I found a new hobby of mine: cracking crab. It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done with food. It’s very satisfying and therapeutic. For dessert one of my friends and I shared a slice of rich chocolate cake. We left after the conversations slowed and the entertainment was lacking.

We arrived back at the boat, exhausted from the day of surfing and playing on the beach, so no one was up for watching a full-length movie, which we had been planning on doing. Most everyone decided to go right to bed, but others, including me, stayed up watching TV or read and chatted until our eyes failed us and we had no choice but to fall asleep.