Tuesday, May 26

A (Blank) [1st person, name] Story

One morning (1st person, name) woke up and he/she decided to go for an adventure with his/her (adjective) (object). So, he/she got (verb, past tense) and headed (place) for breakfast. (1st person, name) had , (food) , (food) and (food) to eat and (drink) to drink. Once he/she was finished with breakfast, he/she

(verb, past tense) his/her things in a (object) and headed outside. The weather was (adjective), so (1st person, name) had to bring a/an (object). As he/she (verb, past tense) through the woods, he/she decided that he/she wanted to (verb) a friend with him/her. So, on he/she went to ‘s(2nd person, name) house. When he/she arrived, (2nd person, name) was about to go outside, it was (adjective) timing. (1st person, name) said “hello” and (verb, past tense) if (2nd person, name) wanted to go on an adventure. (2nd person, name), of course, said “yes” and they were soon on their way. They decided to go to

(place) where they’d begin their adventure of (adjective) a