Tuesday, May 26


I’ve known Morgan Since I was seven and she was nine. When we were young, we were friends, but we didn’t think of each other as the other person’s ‘best friend’. After all we had only seen each other when our families got together. We’ve been together for ten years and during those years we’ve shared my times together. It wasn’t really until Morgan started driving me to and from ballet that we began to really ‘click’ together and become the bestest of friends.

Every time we are together we laugh for the most random reasons, but yet we still find laughter in them somewhere. We make jokes that are supposed to be funny; some of them are, but sometimes we just laugh because they don’t make sense at all. When we’re together, we can always count on having a great time because we both know that the other of use will bring the other up, if they are down, but with us, that is rarely the case, so we just spend time together just to have fun.

I remember one early evening we were got out of dance rehearsal early and were heading home. We had gone through a light and were attempting to take a left, but once Morgan had taken the turn, we realized that it was a one-way street, so after about a 10-ponit turn, we were facing the right direction at the same light we had been waiting for three minutes earlier, but this time we weren’t going to take a left down a one-way street. Another time, we had extra time on our hands to kill and we needed some lunch, so we decided to go to Healthy Living. It was the new location and it was fairly new to both of us so we decided to raid the store. We probably spent about two hours just looking around, using the sample, all-natural make-up, for fun and eating some food from the deli. We had a great time, but after about two hours, we thought it would be a good idea to leave, and it was.

So now, Morgan is in Europe, touring the country. She doesn’t really have a plan, she just decided to meet her sister for a few months and then continue her journey on her own. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for her, so I am extremely excited for her, but at the same time I’m not wanting her to go because I will miss her dearly. I tried going with her, but there was zero chance of me going in her back, mostly because she only brought a backpack with her. I told her before she left that she would meet multiple guys with gorgeous accents that she would make talk and talk just to hear the way in which they talk. She will, or should I say, already has met many interesting people that she will remember forever. Maybe because of their clothing, their attitude or their overall impression they had on Morgan. She has been in Europe for about three weeks now, so I know she has been experiencing many marvelous dishes of traditional foods.

Before she left, she had been working on her portfolio for RISD, the school she will be enrolled in this fall. She is going to master the major of fashion design. One line I helped her construct was tutus made of recycled materials. I was one of the models, but I also help her figure out her designs and construct the tutu itself. It was about the week before she left that she composed a book of her masterpieces that were amazing. I had first seen the completed book at Village Wine and Coffee, the place she worked when she was here. I was speechless when I was looking at all of her pieces together because they were all mind blowing and showed her unique talent.

The night I had to say good-bye to Morgan was difficult because I knew I wouldn’t be seeing her or hearing her voice for 172 days. I almost cried when she left, but I resisted the emotional challenge. Now that she’s gone, there are times when I don’t know what to do because she is not here to join me. She has influenced my life tremendously and I am so thankful she is apart of me. She has an amazing heart that is truthful and unfailing with love. Now that she’s there and I’m here, we both share a chromosomal pair of XX and I will love her forever. I think of all the great memories Morgan is creating new memories everyday in Europe and I know that when she comes back home we will be able to continue our friendship of being sisters from where we started. From the beginning, ten years ago, it was planned that we would be sisters forever.