Tuesday, May 26

A Perfect Winter Day

Beautiful snowflakes are they that fall

Through the sky, till they slowly build up tall;

Beautiful paws are they that scurry

Across the blanket of pure white, creating a flurry;

Beautiful icicles are that drip

Cold water from their very tips;

Beautiful trees are they that glisten

With the ever different sparkling crystals that listen;

Beautiful needles are they that dance

Back and forth on the branch;

Beautiful wind that blows so strong

Makes a whipping to create a song;

Beautiful clouds are they that waft

Through the grey-blue sky, so soft;

Beautiful sun that shines with delight,

Melts the snow with its ultraviolet light;

Beautiful winter, the scene so surreal and silent

Brings peace and play with every climate.

Winter trees. Wallpaper for You. 26 May 2009 .