Tuesday, May 26

Same Scenario, Different Sides

Note: I decided to pick 10 words from 1000 SAT vocabulary study cards at random and make a story with them.


I met this eloquent girl who was extremely amicable. She was the type of girl I could spend all of my time with. It wasn’t just me who was falling for her, multiple of my buddies were in congruity with me. So, when I finally got the guts to ask her to join me for ice cream, her actions and feelings toward me were abridged. I thought we were on the same page with our feelings, but apparently not. I was resilient to her response and continued living life as though it never happened, except I did change my attitude toward her a little bit. I mean why not? For how she treated me? I think she deserves just a little payback.


So today I met this amazing guy. He’s affectionate and I relish being with him and his posse of friends. We were becoming really close friends and there could have been modicum between us, but he jumped the gun and made his move too soon. I was like “whoa, hold it a sec. there buddy, it’s a little too soon to be takin’ that leap.” So, ultimately I rejected his offer to join him for ice cream. You see, sometimes I have a problem with speaking my thoughts before I think about what I’m going to say; this was one of those times. If I had just taken a step back to breathe a little and think things through I would’ve realized that going to get ice cream wasn’t that big of a deal. I would’ve actually given him, us, a chance. But since the whole potential between us is over, I feel compunction because I was selfish and didn’t give him time to explain himself.

Ever since the day I rejected him he’s become extremely heterogeneous with his attitude and because of this, it makes me feel odious toward him. What I though was an amazing guy whom I relished being around turned out to be a jerk in disguise.