Sunday, May 31

Drooping Lily

Trout Lily, glowing elliptical

beauties, a pair of brown-mottled leaves beneath one

yellow, nodding flower

covered with a bronzy exterior.

The delicate curves swoosh down,

then up toward the base of the sepals;

brown splotches sink into the green leaves as the green reaches out

in the rich woods and meadows where they reside.

A dress so flowery and bright as these would stand out

in any crowd.

The flower of the wild lily

bursts open as it jumps to a higher level.

The capsule contains multiple seeds

that are spread north in Canada to south in Georgia,

expressing its loveliness.

Surrounded by a crowd on the ground,

Erythronium americanum tries to be superior to the other

pequeño angiosperms.

The glowing, radially symmetric petals

demonstrate their beauty that extends through the family of the lilies.

Schwenk, Scott. Trout Lily - Erythronium americanum. 6 May 2006. Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, NH. Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study. 4 June 2009 .