Tuesday, May 26

The ABC's of Morgan Autumn Selin

A is for all the times we share

B is for ballet of three years

C is for crying when you leave

D is for driving on one-way streets

E is for Europe, your destination

F is for fashion design— the major you strive to achieve

G is for guys with accents who will make you drop to the ground

H is for Healthy Living and the two hours we spent raiding the cusine

I is for interesting people you will meet and remember forever

J is for joking around when we’re together

K is for Kyala; I will miss you ‘til the very time I see you again

L is for laughing for no reason at all

M is for marvelous food you will consume

N is for not wanting you to go

O is for opportunities

P is for portfolio, a masterpiece of hard work and success

Q is for quite excited that you are going to enjoy yourself

R is for RISD, the place I will be coming to see you in September

S is for saying good-bye, but only for 172 days

T is for tutus that bring back the good news… no pun intended

U is for underneath the physical you is your soul: good and true

V is for Village Wine & Coffee, where they will miss you terribly

W is for what will I do without you?

X is for XX, the chromosome pair we both share (had to get that Bio in there somewhere)

Y is for your influence in my life

Z is for zero chance of me going in your suitcase… or is it a backpack?