Sunday, May 31

A Prickly Truth

Prickly Pear, a misconception in the desert

A cactus of flat, fleshy, green pads covered with reddish-brown,

barbed bristles and yellow flowers with reddish centers

produces a bright purple fruit

It’s prickly to the eye and touch, but tempting to taste its prickling severity

The flatness of the bubbles gives the cactus a geometrical

shape that is unique to the surrounding beauties

The golden yellow flowers burst from the cactus’ tips

The delicious fruits are admired,

but soon enjoyed because of their taste

Hated, but marveled, they are placed in open sandy areas with rocky sites;

the desert

With just one touch on its pads, it latches multiple miniature bristles into your skin, leaving them there to prick with the slightest pressure

“That’s what you get for messing with MY skin!”

you show such beauty, but give such pain

and continuously smile until it’s lame

Broadcasting your love from May to August,

throughout that time you give the reward of dull, purple fruit

The harm this beautiful cactus can do is misunderstood,

one defense mechanism is the bristles that are lined with backward-pointing hooks, impossible to take out

Damn you Opuntia humifusa for looking so gorgeous, intricate,

but hiding your weapons and wickedness

One thing’s for sure, you definitely live up to the standard

of a misconception in the desert.

Stephanie, and Andras. Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit. Travel Blog. 4 June 2009 .