Tuesday, May 26

If you give a Zebra an Oreo®

If you give a Zebra an Oreo…
Chances are he’s going to want twenty-seven more double-stuffed Oreo cookies to go with it.

Once he starts eating his cookies, taking them apart and licking the filling off both sides…

He’s going to realize that Oreo’s are black and white, just like him!

With the eight cookies he has left, he decides to count the number of black cookies and white fillings so, he can compare the black and white cookies to the number of stripes he has. One black, two black, three, four, five black… and finally, sixteen black cookies.

Once he figures out the number of black cookies, he’ll start counting the white fillings. One, two, three white, four, five, six, seven and eight white fillings!

Once he discovers the strip-like Oreos, he’s going to want to count his very own stripes, but in order to see his whole body he’ll have to find a mirror.

But once he sees himself in the mirror, he’ll realize that he has many more black and white stripes then the Oreos had!

With this discovery he’ll get all confused, and of course, ask you to help him figure out his


Once he’s satisfied with your answer, he’ll begin counting his stripes, but when he’s almost finished he’ll lose track of where he was.

Now he’ll have to start all over, but this time he asks for your help.

In the process of counting his stripes for the second time, he’ll get distracted and ask why he’s so stripy and you’ll have to give him a creative answer.

As soon as you begin to answer the one question he’ll begin to ask you another, and another, and another.

Are there more zebras like me?

Why am I the only one around?

Do they have white AND black stripes too?

Do I have a zebra family?

Where did I come from?

How did I get here?

Why am I not living where the other zebras are?

I miss them.

And before you know it, with all the questions, he will begin to sob.

He is suddenly saddened that he is the only black and white thing he’s seen, and he then asks you to comfort him.

So you snuggle up with him on the couch and decide to tell him a fun story of a wild zebra in the savannah.

But before long he loses interest and begins to cry again. Thinking about the zebra in the story will make him wish there were other zebras like him around.

With the change in attitude, you’ll try your best to calm him down but nothing works.

You try dressing up like a zebra and be his new friend, play a board game, finish some arts and crafts and bake some muffins, but

even with all these activities his mind is still fixed on how much he misses not having other REAL zebras around and he soon gets bored.

Before long, you run out of ideas and almost give up, until…

You remember how much joy and excitement the Oreos brought him, because after all they are black and white, just like him.

So you ask him if he’d like just one Oreo, and with that, he perks up, wipes his tears away and accepts the offer, but…

You know if you give a zebra an Oreo…

Chances are he’s going to want twenty-seven more double-stuffed Oreo cookies to go with it.

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